Professional & Efficient Carpet Cleaning

Grey Carpet Getting Vacuumed

If you need professional carpet cleaning for your commercial building in or around Dover, New Hampshire, make sure you hire seasoned experts you can rely on to do the job with precision and discretion. We provide a comprehensive analysis for each new job site so that we can recommend a schedule which allows us to stay behind the scenes while still operating effectively.

There’s nothing more awkward or potentially dangerous for an employer than being responsible for wet flooring in a busy walkway during hours of peak foot traffic. We take all this and more into account when crafting our service recommendations. A thorough and extensive analysis of each job site allows us to craft a personalized list of proposed services for every customer.

Carpet Spot Cleaning Is Part Of the Deal

There are no hidden fees in our services, and no unnecessary charges. The totality of your cleaning needs will be covered when you rely on our team to do the dirty work, even carpet spot cleaning on an as-needed basis. We provide the following for office and common area flooring:

Vacuuming All Flooring
Sweeping Outside Entryways

Vacuuming Entryways
Spot Cleaning Carpets

Mopping Tile Floors
Floor Waxing

Contact us today to find out more about how our cleaning services can help you maintain a safe and attractive facility. We proudly serve customers in Dover and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, as well as the surrounding areas.